Somalia's Int'l partners call for the immediate de-escalation of Puntland tension


MOGADISHU, Somalia – International partners say they are concerned about the risk of higher tensions, including the current mobilization of forces, in Garowe. The presence of these forces is intimidating civilians and has led to the closure of schools.

"There is no justification for violence or the threat of force. Grievances should be addressed peacefully and through dialogue. We call on all parties to resolve their differences through peaceful means," said the statement.
International partners also added they remain committed to supporting Somalia and the Somali people in building the foundation for a peaceful and prosperous society. 
"We are monitoring the situation closely and are calling for the immediate de-escalation of tensions and urgent talks by political and other local leaders," the statement concludes.

Recently, Deni committed himself to dialogue but insisted that it would not involve discussions about the model of elections, which he maintains must be universally accepted. While he prefers universal suffrage, the opposition wants indirect polls, alleging that Deni has already mutilated the voter register.

The opposition, which is also mobilizing local militia, has insisted that elections will go on in January whether Deni participates or not. The state is also struggling to relate with the federal government of Somalia after cutting the relationship.

For the better part of the weekend, the Puntland Marine Police Force [PMPF] who are trained by the United Arab Emirates [UAE], were seen making unusual movements in Garowe, the regional administrative capital of the state and the commercial city of Bosaso.

President Said Abdullahi Deni whose term is ending in January, is accused of using the military to extend his term, after pushing the same agenda in parliament, which mutilated some of the election laws against the dictates of the constitution.


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