Ethiopia and Puntland Explore Opportunities for Enhanced Relations


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - In a significant development for regional cooperation, Ethiopia and Puntland engaged in high-level talks aimed at strengthening bilateral ties. Mesganu Arga, Ethiopia's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, welcomed a senior ministerial delegation from Puntland led by their Minister of Finance, Mohammed Farah Mohammed, to his office.

The discussions between the two delegations centered on identifying potential areas for collaboration in trade, investment, energy cooperation, and joint infrastructure projects. Recognizing the longstanding and fraternal ties between Puntland and Ethiopia, the Puntland delegation underscored the importance of building upon the existing foundation of cooperation, particularly in the security and education sectors.

The Puntland delegation also conveyed the newly elected government's desire to further enhance relations with Ethiopia, emphasizing the significance of focusing on trade, infrastructure development, and economic cooperation. Ambassador Mesganu Arga expressed Ethiopia's commitment to fostering a strong relationship with Puntland and affirmed Ethiopia's readiness to collaborate across various areas.

The meeting concluded with Ambassador Mesganu extending a congratulatory message to the government of Puntland for the successful conduct of its recent elections. This gesture of goodwill underscores the mutual respect and shared aspirations for regional stability and development that underpin the evolving relationship between Ethiopia and Puntland.

As both sides look to the future, the strengthening of ties between Ethiopia and Puntland holds the promise of increased regional stability and economic prosperity, benefiting not only the two parties involved but also the broader Horn of Africa region.


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