Puntland Information Minister Under Fire for Controversial Remarks on Southwest State


GAROWE, Somalia - Puntland Information Minister Mohamud Aydid Dirir has come under intense criticism following his recent comments on the South West State of Somalia. In a statement that has since sparked outrage, Dirir referred to the South West region as a "protectorate state" under Ethiopia.

The remarks, which were made on social media, have elicited a wave of mixed reactions from the region's elite and the public. Many have taken to social media to express their disapproval, labeling the comments as "insult and disinformation."

This controversy comes just days after the National Consultative Council meeting in Mogadishu, which concluded with a communiqué endorsing changes to the Somali constitution. The timing of Dirir's comments has added fuel to the fire, with many questioning the motives behind his statement.

The South West State, one of the Federal Member States of Somalia, has a long history of conflict and instability. The region has been a focal point for various international and regional actors, including Ethiopia, which has been involved in military operations in the area.

Dirir's comments have reignited discussions about the sovereignty of the South West State and the role of external actors in Somali politics. Critics argue that the term "protectorate state" undermines the autonomy of the South West region and its people.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Puntland government will respond to the backlash and whether Dirir will issue an apology or clarification for his remarks.


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