Ethiopia Deploys additional Troops into Neighboring Somalia


NAIROBI, Kenya - Multiple sources have confirmed sighting Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) soldiers moving into Somalia territory, a move which has triggered fear along the border of the two countries that are major security partners.

Residents of Matabaan claimed Ethiopian soldiers had moved further into the territory of Somalia but their immediate mission could not be established. Ethiopia is a major security partner of the Horn of Africa nation.

A local official was quoted as saying that Ethiopian troops have “turned back” after meeting with local officials and elders.

On Monday last week, large numbers of Ethiopian soldiers also arrived in the vicinity of Doolow town, Somalia. The Ethiopian commanders reportedly met with local elders. On an official Facebook page, Ethiopian troops confirmed that they held a meeting with elders.

"The commander in chief of Koru Brigadier General Getachew Habtamu who led the discussion stated that the main mission and purpose of the army is to protect the country and the people from any internal and external anti-peace forces," the ENDF said while confirming meeting with tribal leaders.

"The army has done a great job cleaning the terrorist group of Alshabab and said that they have been able to ensure the regional peace of the two countries. In order to maintain this peace, the relationship between the people and the army should be strengthened."

Among the tribal leaders and elders who attended were Mr. Abdi Elen, Mr. Mohammed Fukat, and Melen Hassen. They said that the army is not only Ethiopia but also a brother of the neighboring country, they will give up the terrorist forces of Alshabab by giving any support to keep the peace they got.

Based on statements by Somali officials, the official position of the Federal Government is that Ethiopia is out of post-ATMIS mission “If they don’t change their position on the MoU.” Ethiopia signed a controversial deal with Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia, causing havoc in the region.


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