Somalia facilitates transition of UN political mission to country team


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia has insisted on supporting the transition of the United Nations political mission in the country to a country team, a move that is currently in the pipeline, which would make the mission more local than the current setup.

The UN Support Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) has been in place for the last two decades since the country plunged into deep political chaos, coupled with the Al-Shabaab insurgency and other small armed groups in the Horn of Africa nation.

But the country says it is an opportune moment for the country to transition from the political mission, adding that localizing the team would make it more effective and efficient for service delivery in the country

"Somalia's government is in talks with the UN to transition from a special political mission to a UN Country Team (UNCT) structure. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Somalia's development journey," the government said.

The mission is credited for stability in the country, managing to overcome several predicaments, including Al-Shabaab militants, which have lost significant territories since the enactment of operations across the Horn of Africa nation.

The transition of the UN comes at the time the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) is also exiting the service, with over 5,000 already left the country. By the end of 2024, the remaining 15,000 troops will have exited from the country.

ATMIS has been working closely with UNSOM and other missions in Somalia, whose stability has been swaying since 1990. The country is also struggling to get a footing in social-economic transformation and has since managed to get debt relief.

Last year, Somalia also managed to persuade the United Nations Security Council to drop the arms embargo, giving it an opportunity to start procuring sophisticated weapons from around the globe.


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