Guelleh says Saudi-African relations enter new era at Saudi-African Summit

President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti addressing the Saudi-African Summit in Riyadh.

RIYADH — President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti lauded the Saudi Arabian initiative related to hosting the Saudi-African Summit.

This initiative underscores the Kingdom's pivotal role in solidifying the principle of collective action toward building a better future for the region and the world. It reflects the Kingdom's prominent regional and international stature, political influence, and significant economic impact, positioning it as a leading nation in finding solutions and innovative initiatives.

President Guelleh emphasized that this initiative marks the beginning of a new phase in the historical relationship between Saudi Arabia and the African continent. He highlighted that akin to other parts of the continent, the Kingdom plays a central role in propelling development in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea basin.

Furthermore, he noted that the valuable contributions of the Kingdom go beyond providing financial support and implementing impactful investments that touch various aspects of life. This includes political, security, and regional integration aspects. Among its commendable initiatives in this context is the establishment of the Arab and African States overlooking the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. This initiative forms a unique framework for cooperation, coordination, and integration among the countries bordering the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

President Guelleh affirmed his country's deep appreciation for the Kingdom's support for its national issues and the alignment with its developmental projects.

Simultaneously, he expressed Djibouti's firm commitment to enhancing economic and investment partnerships between the Kingdom and African countries. Djibouti, acting as a vital gateway for the continent, aims to contribute to the strengthening of these ties based on its unique resources and capabilities. This includes advanced infrastructure and the largest free economic zone in Africa, offering necessary facilities for businessmen and economic actors of diverse backgrounds, promising significant opportunities to boost regional and international economic cooperation.

Concluding his statement, President Guelleh addressed the dire situation in Gaza, emphasizing the urgency of immediate response and a strong collective effort to aid the residents who are suffering under the harsh conditions imposed by the Israeli occupation.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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