US to review support for Danab following clashes with Sufi militia in Somalia

During the intense battle, a Danab commander, Major Abdilatif Ahmed Ali Fayfle, was among those killed in the fighting.

  • Somalia


  • 04:34PM

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UN: Humanitarian access to northern Ethiopia remains challenging

The suspension of UN humanitarian flights, following the mid-air turn-around due to airstrikes in Tigray on Friday, blocked transportation of personnel and much-needed cash into Tigray.

  • Africa


  • 11:27AM

Death toll hits 120 from 3-day fighting in central Somalia

ASWJ told Reuters that the federal government has failed to end the Al-Shabaab insurgency and that security is worsening in Galmudug state. T

  • Somalia


  • 08:25AM

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Editor's Pick

EDITORIAL: Farmaajo truce with PM Roble welcome assurance on electoral calendar

We welcome the truce between the outgoing President and his PM because it gives us hope that we will not repeat the chaos in the future.

  • Editorial


  • 07:08PM

EDITORIAL: Why maritime case decision will need sober leadership

At the end of the day, the UN court’s decision will remain just on paper, if both sides do not move with speed to actualize the decision.

  • Editorial


  • 02:35PM

EDITORIAL: Las Anod ‘deportation’ was illegal, but how will Somalia avoid a repeat?

To assume that Somaliland will trade these apparent successes for nothing is to imagine that it will forget the strides it has made for three decades.

  • Editorial


  • 05:44PM

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