400 Students Take Part in the Scholarship Exam of Hormuud Salam Foundation For The Fourth Year In A Row


MOGADISHU, Somalia - 400 students who completed high school and met the eligibility requirements took part in the Hormuud Salaam Foundation's yearly scholarship examination on Wednesday.

Hormuud Salaam Foundation established this prestigious scholarship scheme in 2019 to help students who are unable to pay their university fees due to financial hardship in pursuing further education at the university level.

In previous years, out of the four hundred applicants, only 30 students with the highest scores were selected, but this year HSF has increased that number to 45 students who will get full scholarships.

The majority of scholarship recipients have usually orphaned students, students whose mothers are the sole breadwinners, students who rely on siblings, and students who are dependent on their relatives.

In attendance at the exam, Mr. Ahmed Mohamud Yusuf, the CEO of Hormuud Telecom said, "We are pleased to announce that the scholarship program that we began by awarding scholarships to 30 students annually has been expanded to 45 students this year", Moreover, he stated that the scholarship, which is sponsored by Hormuud Telecom and Salaam Somali Bank, is a valuable opportunity for Graduates of high school who are unable to afford the cost of university.

According to Abdullahi Nur Osman, chairman of the Hormuud Salaam Foundation, the two-day exam will be corrected by an independent committee and those who win the scholarship will be able to apply to any university in the country.

Prof Abdi Ahmed Baafo, director of Dhaxalreeb Foundation, who was present at the scholarship examination, praised the way in which Hormuud Salaam Foundation conducted the scholarship exam, describing it as fair and transparent.

The students who participated in the exam and their parents appreciated the opportunity offered by the Hormuud Salaam Foundation and appreciated HSF's key role in improving the lives of diverse sectors of the Somali community through its support.

A brighter future for Somalia depends on education, which offers many opportunities. Education is an important component of Somalia's development. It enhances society, creates community cooperation, and increases family incomes and welfare.

Through its numerous social community initiatives, including scholarships, technical training programs, and job creation programs for youth, HSF is committed to ensuring that our amazing home-grown talent remains in Somalia and contributes to the development of a peaceful and prosperous society.

Finally, Hormuud Salaam Foundation has always placed an emphasis on education programs in its community work and recognizes that investing in Somalia's youth will be invaluable in the future as these students become productive members of our society.

Hormuud Salaam Foundation (HSF) established in May 2013 is the corporate social responsibility wing of Hormuud Telecom and Salaam Somali Bank.

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