Press Release: EU Erasmus Plus - Enriching Lives, Opening Minds

Erasmus Plus is a European Union-funded program that provides scholarships and grants to students, educators, and organizations across the world.

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The EU Erasmus Plus program concluded its workshop "Erasmus Plus - Enriching Lives, Opening Minds" today in Mogadishu. The focus of the workshop was to highlight the benefits of the Erasmus Plus scholarship program and how it can help to enrich the lives of students and open their minds to new opportunities.

“We believe all students can take advantage of the program, but they may need the right information and guidance – that's why Hano Academy organized this workshop in collaboration with Kinyatta University and the EU. This is a tremendous chance for the students who are here today since they are obtaining first-hand information about this incredible scholarship opportunity - the Erasmus Plus Mundus Masters Scholarship.” - Mr. Yusuf Mohamud.

Erasmus Plus is a European Union-funded program that provides scholarships and grants to students, educators, and organizations across the world. The program aims to promote international cooperation in education and training, increase mobility and skills development, and enhance the quality and relevance of education and training systems.

“Erasmus is extremely underrepresented. Since 2004, only 40 students have benefited from Erasmus Plus programs. This year, we want to increase the number of people who are participating and taking advantage of it. Erasmus Plus is designed for the integration of exchanging knowledge and culture. You will not only meet Europeans but also other people from different countries. We are here to encourage you to apply, and we will make sure your application process is smooth. It’s about knowledge – going to Europe, studying, and coming back. But it's also about learning each other's cultures and becoming tolerant towards each other, starting to understand each other better. During the study, you will not only meet Europeans but also people from other countries.” - EU Ambassador, Mrs. HE Tiina Intelmann

The Erasmus Plus - Enriching Lives, Opening Minds" workshop was a great opportunity for participants to learn about the benefits of the program and how it can help them achieve their personal and professional goals. The workshop featured presentations from Erasmus Plus alumni, who shared their experiences and insights on how the program has impacted their lives.

In addition, the workshop offered a range of training sessions and interactive activities that helped participants develop key skills such as intercultural communication, leadership, and problem-solving. Participants also had the opportunity to network with other professionals and educators in their field, which can lead to future collaborations and partnerships.

“This year, we must do better by applying a huge number of students into the Erasmus Plus Mundus Master’s program. For all the questions and guidance, Hano Academy stands to help you and assist you in applying for the scholarship. Everybody must work hard to take advantage of this opportunity. This opportunity depends on you; you will directly apply for the scholarship, and the EU Erasmus Plus Program team will communicate with you directly. There will be no intermediation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Culture of the Federal Government of Somalia. I encourage you to never pass up this precious opportunity.” - Ismael Yusuf Osman, Director – Higher Education, MOECHE.

The workshop was open to all interested participants, including students, educators, and representatives from organizations and institutions. The Erasmus Plus program strongly encourages participants from underrepresented groups to apply and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

“We are honored to be with you today. Erasmus Plus is a fantastic opportunity that we must all apply for, take advantage of, and share the information you will receive here today with your fellow students, friends, and family.” - Charles Wafula, Kenyatta University HESSS Project Coordinator

The Erasmus Plus - Enriching Lives, Opening

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