Somalia: Govt under pressure to drop case against SJS Secretary General

The 45 days requested by the Office of the Attorney General and Police ended on 26 November.

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS) Somali Media Association (SOMA) and Somalia Mechanism for Safety of Journalists (SMSJ) call for the Benadir Regional Court to dismiss the case against SJS Secretary General, Abdalle Ahmed Mumin since the 45 days requested by office of the Attorney General and the Police ended today.

SJS Secretary-General, Abdalle Mumin was first arbitrarily detained on 11 October 2022 a day after the media advocacy groups released a joint press statement raising concerns on a restrictive directive issued by the ministry of information.

Mr. Mumin’s detention followed a raid on SJS offices. He was held at the notorious Godka Jila’ow for two days before he was jailed at the criminal investigation department for another 10 days before he was released on bail.

The 45 days requested by the Office of the Attorney General and Police ended on 26 November.

Abdalle Ahmed Mumin has been impacted for 45 days since he was not able to do his work, restricted from traveling and therefore jointly call for the court to dismiss the case and let Abdalle do his work.

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