Somalia: Hormuud Telecom Has Wins Yet Another International Award!


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Hormuud Telecom has won the "Changing Lives Award" which is presented at the #AfricaTechFestival2022 on November 9th in Cape Town, South Africa.

This annual award is given to companies that play a role in changing the lives of their communities for the better. With its EVC plus service, Hormuud Telecom has made it possible for NGOs to send money aid to those hardest to reach with just a single click of a button.

Millions of Somalis have been displaced by severe droughts, and are on the verge of famine. Aid has become a lifeline for many Somalis. With only 15% of the population having a bank account, reaching individuals migrating from drought-affected areas has been difficult.

However, Many IDPs use Hormuud Telecom's EVC Plus mobile money service, which is free at the point of use and is used by over seven in ten Somalis (76%).

Hormuud Telecom’s humanitarian portal provides a traceable, efficient, and timely way to distribute cash assistance via mobile money. The service is regulated by the Central Bank of Somalia and complies with international standards.

Considering many humanitarian organizations left Somalia during Covid-19, Hormuud is enabling organizations to donate from anywhere in the world, continuing to access and help beneficiaries.

This portal is used by international aid donors, as well as grassroots organizations, and is an effective solution for reaching those affected by the drought. EVC Plus runs on both smart and basic cell phones. So, in creating a digitally inclusive platform for humanitarian organizations to use, mothers can now purchase food and water to keep their families alive.

They can also share aid with their relatives at no cost. Since 2020, the humanitarian portal has seen a surge in donations of 50%, demonstrating its crucial role in providing aid to one of Somalia's most vulnerable populations in their hour of need.

Finally, Hormuud Telecom's award today joins the company's ever-growing list of international awards and certifications, which includes ISO, GSMA, and GLOMO.

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