Somalia: Puntland Opposition condemns UAE-training forces' role in political disturbances


GAROWE, Somalia - The Puntland Opposition Union is steadfast in promoting peace, unity, stability, and effective governance in Puntland.

We are concerned about the current political maneuvers of President Said Abdullahi Deni, particularly his recent remarks at the 54th Army Base, which could disrupt the unity of the security forces and potentially incite violence for personal political objectives.

We recognize the essential role of Puntland’s security forces in safeguarding the region’s security and stability, however, the “union” strongly warns PMPF to become a military apparatus used against the democratic values and the suppression of Puntland political opposition.

Furthermore, the “Union” vividly condemns the involvement of the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF), funded by the UAE Government, in recent political disturbances in Bosaso and Garowe. These events, marked by death, casualties, and destruction, deviate from the PMPF's primary anti-piracy and counter-terrorism role, potentially undermining public trust.

We urge the UAE Government to ensure the PMPF's neutrality and adherence to Puntland’s laws, to preserve the integrity of UAE-Puntland relations. We also call for vigilance against the misuse of international support for political ends in Puntland, emphasizing the need for legal compliance to prevent further insecurity.


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