Somalia's success story event closes with hundreds in attendance!


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia’s success story event, which lasted for two days in Mogadishu, came to a close on Thursday.

This two-day event, organized by Hormuud Telecom was attended by senior members of the Somalia federal government, such as the Deputy Prime Minister, Salah Ahmed Jama, the Ministry of Education, Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir, the governor of Benadir and mayor of the capital Yusuf Hussien Jimale (Madale) as well as other honorary guests from various parts of the community.

The event brought hundreds of people together for valuable panels and speeches, along with a magnificent exhibition featuring the entire company’s portfolios held at the event, which included several significant announcements, the chance to receive discounted services, and the opportunity to take part in a lottery in which valuable prizes were awarded to participants, including iPhones and Samsung smartphones.

During the opening remarks for the second day of the event, Bashir Abdullahi Sahal, Vice Chairman of Hormuud Telecom, and a member of the company's Board of Directors discussed in detail how the EVC Plus service has improved the lives of the Somali citizens and changed the way they shop.

In a speech delivered by Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir, the Minister of Education congratulated Hormuud Telecom on its 20th anniversary. As he talked about Hormuud Telcom's milestone achievements, he stated that " under every tree, you will find a network. These networks are made possible by Somali companies, led by Hormuud Telcom".

Former Director of the Ministry of Education and one of the Founders of both FPENS and the Imam Shafi'i Foundation Mohamed Abdulkadir who spoke at the event highlighted the difficult circumstances faced by Somali education saying " This is an excellent opportunity to thank the education community for their long recovery from the destruction and the production of scholars and professionals who are a cornerstone of large companies such as Hormuud Telecom”.

The director of Banadir maternity hospital, Dr. Fartun Sharif, who delivered a powerful speech at the event, said, “I cannot express enough how much Hormuud Salaam Foundation (the corporate social responsibility wing of Hormuud Telecom and Salaam Somali Bank) has helped the health community, particularly Benadir maternity hospital. when covid 19 broke out in 2020, Somalia was among the least prepared to deal with the pandemic. The Hormuud Salaam Foundation donated much-needed 2,500 oxygen tanks to us saving the lives of many patients, and later HSF constructed the country's first oxygen plant for approximately 600 thousand dollars.

As a result of the current fuel shortage problem at the hospital, Dr. Fartuun Sharif appealed to the Somali businessmen in a very emotional manner.
In response to Dr. Fartuun's call, Hormuud Telecom's CEO, Ahmed Muhamud Yusuf, announced on the spot that the company will cover the hospital's fuel costs for one year and will centralize its oxygen supply.

At the closing ceremony of the event, Somalia's Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Salah said, “today is a very special day. . We honor and thank those institutions and companies who have contributed so much to the restoration of basic services to our country after the collapse of our central government. As part of this memorable event, Hormuud telecom decided to celebrate in a way that recognized the contributions of those who made a positive impact on the community rather than celebrate alone”. furthermore, he stated, “Hormuud telecom is the leading company in the country and as every country is proud of its companies, we are proud of Hormuud Telecom as well”.

In the closing stages of the event, awards were presented to universities, companies, and airlines that have served society for more than 20 years in difficult times. Mogadishu University, SIMAD University, Banadir University, Dahabshiil, Amal, Daallo Airlines, and Jubba Express were awarded certificates of appreciation by Hormuud Telecom.

Meanwhile, the Somali under-17 national team the U-17 who won the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 qualifiers for CECAF was brought to the event as a surprise package to participate in the celebrations.

As a gesture of encouragement, Hormuud Salaam Foundation awarded $15,000 dollars in cash as well as free internet access for a full year to the players and coaches of the national team.

In conclusion, Mr. Abdirashid Ali Aynanshe, one of the company's senior managers, stated that such an event will be held on an annual basis.


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