Somalia: Puntland calls for resignation of top security chiefs


GAROWE, Somalia, Puntland has stated the current standoff in Somalia, just in the middle of growing international pressure on the regime of outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, in what could yet again change the dimensions of the ongoing political impasse.

In a three-paged document, Garowe now wants the resignation of the Somali National Army [SNA] boss General Yusuf Rageh Odowaa, the National Intelligence Security Agency [NISA] boss Fahad Yasin and the police commander, citing recent chaos in the capital Mogadishu.

While citing unprecedented use of force in Friday's demonstrations, Puntland said the current regime should apologize to Somalis, arguing that those in the office should use the opportunity to apologize to members of the public, besides resigning to pave way for other officers. 

Puntland condemned the use of force against the demonstrators, insisting that the public has powers to showcase dissatisfaction against the regime, adding that picketing should not be criminalized. This was the first time the state was emphatically coming open about the current quagmire.

It said the SNA boss, NISA chief, and police bosses should resign over the violence meted against innocent civilians on Feb 19, adding that the outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has no choice but to effect the changes. 

The state also demanded that Farmaajo sign a decree limiting executive and legislative powers of the presidency and parliament besides nullifying all legislation approved by parliament after Dec 27, 2020, and executive orders by Farmajo after Feb 8 as a condition to implementing Sept 17 deal.

Farmajo's term expired on Feb 8 with that of parliament also lapsing last December, a move that has been raising legitimacy questions of both the executive and the assembly. The country is yet to hold elections based on September pre-election deal, which is yet to be implemented. 

Further, Puntland said it's keen to help in the implementation of the electoral process but insisted that the future venues for the meetings in Mogadishu should be secured to avert incidents of top presidential contenders being targeted by the regime.


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