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Puntland president Deni appoints first CID head from southern Somalia

Deni reshuffles regional police chiefs days after local direct local council polls [File Photo]

GAROWE, Puntland - Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni continued with his major shakeup within the police service in what he terms as a move to "restructure" the security sector in the northeastern state of Somalia.

On Sunday, Deni carried out major changes targeting regional police commanders, the ports police, and the presidential guard. The changes come after Puntland held local direct polls in Qardho, Eyl, and Ufeyn districts on Oct 25.

In the latest changes, Brigadier General Omar Elmi will take charge of the Criminal Investigations Department [CID] within the Puntland Security Forces [PSF] while Mohamud Silal Omar was appointed as the Deputy Director of the Puntland Maritime Police Force [PMPF].

The new CID boss General Omar Abdi Elmi comes from southern Somalia and previously, he took part in the investigations towards Al-Shabaab terrorists who were held in a Galkayo prison. The militants who were found guilty of carrying attacks were executed by firing squad. 

Hussein Ali Mohamoud, who was the Bari regional police commander, was moved to the Nugaal region in the same capacity. It's in the Bari region that Puntland Security Forces have struggled to handle Al-Shabaab militants who are mainly within the coastal areas.

General Abdulkadir Jama Dirir who served as head of the presidential guard, was moved to the Bari region as the police commander. He has been tasked to work with local security operatives to thwart increasing incidents of Al-Shabaab attacks.

In other appointments, Brigadier General Warsame Ahmed Shirwa was appointed as the head of Bosaso Port. Nugal Regional Police Commander Mohamed Aden Jama and PMPF Deputy Director Ahmed Yusuf Ahmed were sacked in the new changes.

Further, Mohamud Silal Omar now becomes the Deputy Director of the Puntland Maritime Police Force. This change have been instigated just days after President Deni sacked Hassan Abdi Yare, the former Puntland police boss under unclear circumstances.

Puntland has been for a long time termed as the most stable Federal State within Somalia but in recent weeks, Al-Shabaab and IS-Somalia militants have been attacking key towns.


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