Puntland's Judicial Crisis: Court Chairman's Illness Sparks Controversy Amid Key Cases


GAROWE, Somalia - In a development that has raised eyebrows across Puntland, Hassan Yusuf Noor, the Chairman of the Puntland Constitutional Court, has announced that he is too ill to execute his responsibility. The timing of this announcement has fueled speculation, given the court's current involvement in several high-stakes cases.

According to reliable sources, Noor has been under pressure from individuals close to the current President, Said Deni, to refrain from opening the pending cases before the court.

These cases include a lawsuit filed by eight members of parliament, two lawsuits from opposition parties Horseed and Mideeye, and one from the Politicians' Forum. All these cases are related to constitutional issues and the results of local council elections, which have been criticized as unfair.

The absence of the court's president has disappointed the other eight judges, especially given the weight of the decisions that are expected to be made. Information obtained by Garowe Online suggests internal discord among the court's members, particularly concerning amending the constitution.

Many have reportedly refused to follow President Said Deni's directives. Adding another layer of complexity, sources close to the court chairman have hinted at external pressures influencing his decision to seek medical treatment in Norway. Norway, it should be noted, is one of the countries that funded the local elections, and the President of the Supreme Court is a Norwegian citizen.

Further deepening the intrigue, individuals closely related to Said Deni, including the Attorney General of Puntland, Ahmed Yusuf Taran, are said to have significantly convinced Noor to undertake the trip.

The circumstances surrounding Noor's medical trip have cast a shadow of doubt among the people of Puntland. His absence comes at a critical juncture, adding to the uncertainty that looms over the region's transition period.


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