Somalia : Puntland’s New Direction: President Deni Sets Policy Agenda


GAROWE, Puntland - On Monday, March 11, 2024, President Siciid Abdullahi Deni presented a significant speech to the Puntland State Parliament members, delineating the policy direction for his administration over the next five years, prior to the approval of the new Cabinet.

During the session, attended by top presidential officials, President Deni highlighted the new government’s five key policy areas that will serve the people of Puntland in the upcoming term.

Democratization in Puntland
The government’s agenda includes advancing local council elections in remaining districts, completing the composition of the electoral commission, and establishing laws to strengthen the democratic system. President Deni emphasized his administration’s commitment to ensuring that top governmental offices, including the presidency and parliament, are elected by the public.

Strengthening Federalism
Deni’s administration aims to finalize the provisional constitution of Somalia and reinforce the federal system in alignment with the common interests. These issues have been particularly sensitive in Somalia, and Deni expressed optimism for substantial progress during his term.

Position on SSC-Khaatumo
President Deni pledged to continue defending the SSC-Khaatumo cause, including signing agreements based on cooperation and protecting common interests, and ensuring Puntland forces remain in the SSC-Khaatumo areas. Recognized as a temporary administration, SSC-Khaatumo has received significant support from Puntland, especially in defending against Somaliland’s separatist threats.

Security and Counter-Terrorism
Deni stressed that his new government would prioritize enhancing Puntland’s overall security, combating terrorism, and securing the coastal areas. The region faces threats from Al-Shabaab and ISIS, particularly in the mountainous territories of the Bari region, where Puntland’s elite forces frequently confront insurgent attacks.

Addressing Climate Change
The president’s plan also includes strategies for new settlement prevention, combating deforestation, fighting the locust plague, and establishing land degradation prevention schemes. Additionally, the government will develop a program to monitor weather forecasts, aiding in the timely response to climatic changes and associated risks.

This policy outline sets a comprehensive roadmap for Puntland’s government, addressing critical issues from democratization to climate change, reflecting President Deni’s vision for a progressive and secure Puntland.

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