Somalia's Puntland Foils ISIS Terrorist Attack in Gulf of Aden port city


BOSASO, Somalia - Security forces in Somalia's Puntland state have repulsed a terror attack in Bosaso, the commercial capital of the northeastern state of Somalia, in the latest attempt that could have been devastating in the Horn of Africa nation, which is struggling with instability.

According to state media, the militants targeted workers at a construction site and would have caused massive damage in the state, which is considered the most stable in the country. Puntland is also facing internal political challenges over impending elections.

The attempt targeted workers of Bulsho Construction Company and a number of civilians who were at the site at the time of the attack. Security officers diffused the bomb before it detonated, authorities confirmed while praising security teams for quick action.

"Somalia's security forces in Puntland state thwarted an ISIS plot in Bosaso. An explosive device, intended to target workers of Bulsho construction company and civilians, was defused before detonation. "The hunt for the terrorists is ongoing", according to a security official."

Puntland has been battling ISIS attacks for some time now after the militants retreated from several parts of the country following a conflict that much strengthened Al-Shabaab, who are currently facing an onslaught from the Somali National Army [SNA] and partner forces.

Over the weekend, however, a concern was raised over the sustainability of the fight against Al-Shabaab and IS-Somalia militants after Puntland leader Said Abdullahi Deni allegedly withdrew troops from several frontlines and stationed in Garowe and Bosaso, raising fears among locals.

The troops are believed to be planning to push for Deni's term extension contrary to the constitution of the state. Local politicians have condemned the move, vowing that elections in the state will be held as planned in January 2024. Deni is set to seek reelection in the next two months.


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