Somalia: Stop forceful voter registration, hold inclusive election, Deni told


GAROWE, ( GO)- Members of the newly formed Political Forum in Puntland have warned against forceful voter registration in the latest statement issued in Garowe, noting that outgoing President Said Abdullahi Deni had gone overboard by subverting democracy in the northern state of Somalia which has been enjoying relative stability.

In a statement, the leaders warned the government against attempts to hold disputed local polls which will target some of the municipalities. The members of newly formed political forum , who accuse Deni of plans to extend his term irregularly, called for peaceful resolution to the current political impasse..

The opposition demanded an end to "forceful voter registration" and advised the international community "not to support a process that leads to instability". Puntland is supposed to hold municipal elections across the state which is known for stability.

They said Puntland people should be aware of political intrigues, manipulations and misrepresentation in the electoral process. In addition, the candidates argued that security agencies should not be involved in politics, not cross their constitutional obligations and obey the law.

According to them, elders to take their role in the stability and unity of Puntland. Elders are critical in Somalia's democratization given their stand in the society which includes promoting dialogue during political conflicts and in some cases, they call shots on democratization.

They asked the current administration to convene a consultation meeting to discuss the troubled Puntland election. Further, the asked the government to suspend the forceful voter registration to avoid armed clashes or violence arising from hijacked process.

Additionally, the members of the new political forum, who are preparing to run against the current administration, called on correction of errors in the democratization process of Puntland based on the 13 points raised by the political organizations of Puntland.

While they appreciated the support of donors, they warned them against backing a disputed electoral process that creates instability. In October 2021, Puntland managed to conduct elections in three districts, but the outcome was disputed among top politicians from the northern state of Somalia.


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