Somalia: UN team given a report on Las Anod atrocities by Somaliland


GAROWE, Somalia - Members of the traditional leaders of SSC-Khatumo met in Garowe with a UN panel of experts, who are engaged in monitoring and finding the truth about the situation in Lasanod city amid conflict.

Garad Abdirisaaq Garad Soofe, Garad Mukhtar Garad Ali Burale, Garad Abdisalan Hassan Mohamed and the speaker of Committee-33, Abdirisaq Falalug and other members were in attendance of the meeting.

The leaders of SSC-Khatumo gave a detailed report on the current situation and the crimes committed by the Somaliland administration in the the city of LasAnod, mainly the current brutal attack to the UN panel of experts.

The team focused on finding out about the real situation on the ground, and it said will prepare complete information and share it with the UN Security Council and the Secretary General.

The medics in LasAnod said more than 200 people, mostly women and children were killed in the Somaliland army shelling on the city and the fighting which began in Feb. 6.


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