Al Shabab Infighting Escalates: Attack on Senior Foreign Leader's House in Jilib City


JILIB CITY, Central Juba Region - In a surprising development, the Al Shabab terrorist group has attacked the house of one of its own senior leaders, Jabir, in Jilib city, situated in the Central Juba region. Jabir is an influential member of the group and is known to have originated from Kenya. His residence is located in the fish market of Jilib district in the Middle Juba region.

According to reports, militants under the command of Mahad Karatey launched an assault on Jabir's house. Somali national TV confirmed that there was a direct confrontation between two factions of the Al-Shabaab in the center of Jilib city. The infighting led to the death of five Al-Shabaab militants, while eight others were injured.

During the conflict, foreign leader Jabir sustained injuries and was escorted from the scene by Al Shabab militia members defending him. Reports suggest that the militants who attacked Jabir's residence aimed to weaken the foreigners who were opposed to the recently nominated Al Shabab commander, Jafar Sudani.

Simultaneously, there are indications that other militants loyal to a former leader, Salman Muhajir, are planning to attack a prison in Jilib city. The facility, which is currently under the control of Bashalow, a close associate of Mahad Karatay, has recently detained several foreign militants and leaders.

These foreign fighters were captured by Al Shabaab group leader Mohamed Amin in the nearby Kobsuuma area. Amin is known to have close ties with senior Al Shabaab commander Mahad Karatay. The militants are said to be targeting another foreign commander, Salman Muhajir, who is currently in hiding in areas under Jilib district control.

The Al Shabaab group has been experiencing internal conflict since their defeat in battles across the Hiran, Middle Shabelle, Galgaduud, and Mudug regions. The recent infighting has escalated tensions within the group, potentially undermining their operations and overall unity.


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