Build consensus among yourselves, Somali leaders told


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Members of the international community have urged Somalis to fix internal wrangles through consensus instead of fighting each other as the country strives to complete stabilization mission, which is being monitored by several stakeholders.

Somalia has been undergoing a transition in the last three decades, with members of the international community playing a fundamental role in shaping its success. Several achievements have been made, including neutralizing Al-Shabaab.

In a statement, the international partners called for unity at the time top leadership is pushing for constitutional changes, a move which has been met with resistance from various teams that have called for consensus and dialogue.

"We commend the efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Parliament to ensure Somalia’s compliance with international and regional human rights obligations, including the rights of the child. We look forward to future cooperation with Somalia as it consolidates its role in the international arena," read the statement.

"We further acknowledge the firm intention of the Federal Government of Somalia to make progress on finalizing the Constitution and urge all stakeholders to redouble their efforts to build consensus through an inclusive process."

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has signed into law four chapters of the constitution which were approved by Parliament. However, Puntland has strongly rejected the changes, while withdrawing from the federal arrangement.

The northern state accused Mogadishu of pushing for the changes without proper public participation. The changes would see the country embrace universal suffrage as opposed to the traditional model where elders picked delegates who would elect leaders in the country.


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