Somalia: El-Dheer still in under SNA despite Al-Shabaab upset


ELDHER, Somalia - The Saturday early morning attack on El-Dheer township was successfully foiled, officials said, despite massive damage inflicted on the Somali National Army (SNA) and local forces who immediately offered backup after a signal from the army.

Heavy fighting was recorded in central parts of Somalia when the Al-Shabaab stormed some of the Somali National Army bases in the district, in a raid that left two senior military officers dead, officials confirmed hours after the incident.

Somali officials said communication in the town has been restored, and they have congratulated the army for holding off the militant attack. The bases within the vicinity have been under attack from the militants for the last two years according to records from the ministry.

Two Somali military officers Yonis Hassan Sabriye and Colonel Abdulle among those killed in Saturday's ElDher attack by Al-Shabaab, officials confirmed. The officers have been instrumental in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

Security forces confirmed that the Somali government forces and local fighters managed to seize control of El-Dheer town in Galmudug state following a dawn attack from al-Shabaab militants, just hours after the militants pulled an ambush.

The militants detonated explosives in at least two camps, followed by an infantry attack at around 4 am local time. The fighting lasted for hours, officials added while confirming the incident.

Government officials told media the militants suffered heavy losses but have not yet given a specific figure. The militants were subdued moments after waging the assault according to senior officials.

The al-Shabaab militant group on their side issued a press statement claiming that they had killed 59 soldiers and fighters. Al-Shabaab via telegram also published purported pictures of their fighters in at least one camp which the group claims its fighters “overrun.” Pictures are yet to be authenticated.


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