Somalia: NISA publishes names of senior Al-Shabaab leaders killed in operations


MOGADISHU, Somalia - The National Intelligence Security Agency [NISA] has published the names of seven Al-Shabaab militants who were killed in recent operations, just as the national army prepares for the second phase of operations against the militants in southern parts.

For the last week, the Somali National Army has been strategizing a comeback after defeats in Cawsweyne which almost paralyzed operations across Somalia. A number of soldiers had downed their tools following the attack at Cawsweyne which left several soldiers dead.

In a lengthy statement on Tuesday, the intelligence team said seven militants were killed in recent operations at Awadheegle military base on September 10th while the seventh one was killed on September 11th during an operation at Bulacle just near Dhusamareb.

Those killed include Sheikh Abdulahi who used to operate in K50 and Buufow areas, Ali Timo Jilic, aka Jeylani, Bashir Dhere, Abdiqafaar aka Moallim Nadaara, Shaciye Mohamed Ali aka Kufridid, Sakariye Mohamed Bashir aka Adnan or Sandhere and Ahmed Ali Dahir Shuuke, the agency stated.

The militants are said to be holding senior ranks within Al-Shabaab militants are were among those targeted by security officers conducting raids against the group in the country. Their death has been termed the "greatest success" in recent times according to military sources.

According to officials, the success further neutralizes Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia, with the possibility of the militants facing immense defeats in the coming weeks also pronounced. The military is carrying out operations in central areas where the first phase left over 3,000 militants dead.

Once the combing exercise is over, it is anticipated that the second phase of operations against the militants will kick off in Jubaland and Southwest states of Somalia. Already, the military has started preparing for the operations which will also enjoin the US Africa Command and the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia [ATMIS].


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