Somalia president co-hosts global food summit with PM Sunak in London


LONDON, UK - President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud co-hosts a global food security summit with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, state media reports, just at the time Somalia is grappling with flush floods after long dry spells that have caused massive loss of lives.

According to state media, the meeting takes place on Monday [today] with organizers saying the summit is being heralded as a pivotal “reset moment” in addressing the ongoing global food security crisis. Somalia is one of the countries struggling with food insecurity.

"The focus will be on sustainable solutions to ensure food security, particularly in regions severely impacted by climate change, conflict, and economic instability," Village Somalia noted.

Somalia's severe food shortages are caused by frequent droughts and heavy rains, making it difficult for farmers to carry out uninterrupted farming. In this process, the country has found the United Kingdom as a pillar in matters of food security.

The UK’s expertise and resources combined with Somalia’s firsthand experience in dealing with food crises are expected to bring valuable insights to the discussions, authorities in Somalia said.

"The summit will feature various sessions focusing on innovative agricultural practices, climate-resilient farming, and international cooperation for resource allocation," state media reports. "Special emphasis will be laid on supporting countries like Somalia, which are at the frontline of the food security battle due to geographic and socio-political factors."

President Hassan’s involvement in the summit is seen as a crucial step in amplifying the voices of African nations in the global dialogue on food security. His leadership and insights are anticipated to drive meaningful conversations around tailored solutions for regions most in need.

Despite being an arid country, Somalia gives room to many farmers who use irrigation to increase food production. Most farmers use water from Rivers Juba and Shabelle, which draw water to the Indian Ocean, with the country also enjoying 3,333 kilometers of coastline.


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