Somalia's PM Roble appoints election advisors weeks after deal


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has appointed a seven-member advisory team that would look at the management of upcoming elections, which should take place within the next two months in compliance with an agreement that was signed a fortnight ago.

Somalia's political leaders agreed on the basics for elections to take place, ending weeks of uncertainty and blame games amongst certain political actors. The deal was signed in presence of the international community representatives and opposition leaders.

To hold elections within time, Roble has appointed seven individuals who will be domiciled in his office with the sole responsibility of ensuring proper preparations are done before the indirect elections, which would pave way for leadership change in the country.

Dubbed Technical Elections Support team, the seven people would be special advisors on different fields and would be tasked to give the PM timely advice for the sake of transparency. It's not clear if opposition-leaning people were considered.

"Having considered the need for qualified and experienced Office of the Prime Minister senior Technical Elections Support team who can coordinate and facilitate smooth implementation of 2021 national indirect elections which the prime minister is mandated to deliver, I have appointed a number of people to help," he said in a dispatch.

Those appointed including Abdulkadir Elmi the Chief coordinator, Omar Mohamed Abdulle who will serve as Senior elections and legal advisor, Fadumo Abdi Ali, who will lead fund and operations in the office of the Prime Minister.

Others are Mohamed Rooble, the Capacity Building and Training advisor, Laila Mohamed, Gender and inclusivity advisor, Liban Rabila, Security Advisor, and Abdullahi Hashi, Engagement and civil society advisor. They will commence the tasks immediately.

This comes amid complaints from Wadajir party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame that the office of the Prime Minister is yet to get rid of people believed to be National Intelligence Security Agency [NISA] agents within the electoral team.

According to the office of Roble, 34 people of the 67 submitted by the opposition will be replaced but Warsame insists that the exercise was done in an opaque manner. He now wants the office to provide reasons as to why the remaining 33 individuals were spared.

Mohamed Hussein Roble was tasked to oversee elections after the opposition accused Farmajo of insincerity. The president's term expired on Feb 8 but he has continued to serve since no elections are yet to take place in the country.


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