The govt failed to implement Sep election deal, says ex-leader


MOGADISHU, Somalia - The group of presidential candidates in Somalia have refuted claims that they are against holding timely elections in Somalia, arguing that the regime of President Farmajo has decided to "lie" to the people for the purpose of political expediency.

Somalia was set to start local elections from December last year but the process has been delayed due to differences between government and the opposition, and efforts to reunite the two have often hit a rock, contrary to expectations of the international community.

Already, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has expressed desires to go on with elections as planned, a move which has irked the opposition, which has been pushing for dialogue for the purpose of transparency and accountability.

Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who is one of the critics of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, has already accused the administration of "lying" to the public, adding that the team is not against early elections in the country.

"Rumours that the presidential candidates are against the holding of timely elections to buy time and push the election impasse till 8 February, is not correct," said the former president, who has also expressed interest to run for February 8 polls, where he seeks to dethrone Farmajo.

"Contrarily, it is the govt that had failed to implement the September 2020 election agreement and continues to do so," added the former leader, who has often accused the government of frustrating efforts by the opposition to participate in a credible election.

The opposition wants the government to reconsider the names of the people placed in the electoral committee, which is set to run elections. According to the team, the committee constitutes of Farmaajo's loyalists, NISA agents, and civil servants, a claim which FGS disputes.

Also, the team has stood firmly which Jubaland which wants all federal troops withdrawn from the Gedo region, where the government has been controlling. The country is racing against time to hold polls given that the peacekeeping mission troops are also set to leave.


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