Somalia: Somaliland leader Muse Bihi reshuffles cabinet


HARGEISA, Somalia - Somaliland leader Muse Bihi Abdi has reshuffled his cabinet, in a move which he says is geared towards enhancing service delivery in the northern state of Somalia, which is running a parallel autonomous government.

Among those affected in the reshuffle were Abdirahman Hirsi Jama Dhoble, the former Minister of Youth and Sports, and Abdi-Nasir Omar Jama, the former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. In the decree, Bihi announced relieving them duties.

"The responsibilities of our nation are cyclical, necessitating leadership best suited for the times. Effective today, your tenure in these roles ends," read the statement.

The dismissalsaw Abdirisaq Musa Farah appointed as the new Minister of Youth and Sports and Rooda Jama Elmi Abdulle assumed the roles of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Saleeban Jama Diriye took over the Deputy Minister of Financial Development role.

This reshuffle is the second significant cabinet change implemented by President Bihi this year, in what he says is the strategy to boost service delivery in his government which has been struggling lately due to internal intrigues in his administration.

Bihi, a former Somali Airman, had his tenure expiring in 2022 but postponed elections for another year and he is facing stiff opposition from a group of politicians led by Wadani and UCID parties which controlled parliament in 2021, defeating his Kulmiye party.

Somaliland has been fighting with for statehood but the government of Somalia has dismissed such advances, with the international community also treating it under single Somali policy. The region has also been under immense pressure from SSC-Khatumo regions which have since sided with Puntland.


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