We have exceeded expectations in implementation of deal with Ethiopia, says Somaliland


HARGEISA, Somalia - The breakfast region of Somaliland maintains it has made strides in the implementation of the controversial deal with Ethiopia, despite protests by Somalia, which has dismissed the agreement as 'null and void', while maintaining the MoU was illegal.

Ethiopia is set to get 20 kilometers of the Red Sea for the establishment of a military base and port inside Somalia. In return, the MoU specified, that Ethiopia would recognize Somaliland as a sovereign state, contrary to the UN charter on recognition of countries.

Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, the Somaliland minister for interior who also doubles up as chairman for the Kulmiye party, said the region is in the advanced stages of ceding 20 kilometers of Red Sea to Ethiopia. According to him, this will build mutual prosperity.

"Efforts to honor the MoU between the Republic of Somaliland and the Federal Republic of Ethiopia are well underway," he said in a statement at the time Somalia has asked the United Nations and the African Union to declare their stand on the matter.

"The Somaliland side has exceeded expectations in fulfilling the agreement, and we anticipate a similar commitment from our Ethiopian counterparts. Building stronger ties for mutual prosperity."

Hamsa Abdi Barre, the Prime Minister of Somalia, lamented that the country respects diplomatic channels thus the decision to go slow on intended reprisals against Ethiopia, adding that the Horn of Africa nation is expecting Ethiopia to withdraw the agreement.

"We have tried on our side to exercise restraint - their (Ethiopia) troops are here, we didn’t tell them to leave; their embassy is here, we didn’t expel their ambassador; their planes come here, we didn’t stop them…we are doing all of that because we want good neighbourliness," he said.

"We are not ready to revive an old painful history and old wounds….we hope Ethiopia will retract this illegal MoU…we will not accept violations against our sovereignty and territorial integrity, it’s non-negotiable.”

Somalia has accused Ethiopia of annexation, at times threatening to take military actions. Egypt and Turkey have signed an agreement to protect Somalia from 'impending aggression' from Ethiopia, with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud asking Somalis to be ready to 'defend our territory'.


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