Eritrea's Afwerki keen to solve Sudan conflict


ASMARA - Eritrea's strongman Isaias Afwerki is keen to solve the current political conflict in Sudan, months after the Sudanese Armed Forces and paramilitary wing Rapid Support Forces [RSF] started fighting against each other after differences in running the government.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, visited Eritrea's capital Asmara, and is said to have held talks with Afwerki on solving the political conflict which has substantially affected the economy of the country. The northern African nation has been in shambles since 2019 following the ouster of Omar al-Bashir.

An official statement said the two leaders would discuss bilateral issues, the situation in Sudan, and matters of mutual interest, but did not give any more details, BBC reports. There have been deliberate attempts to reconcile both parties but no significant step has been made.

Eritrea is the fourth country that Gen Burhan has visited since Sudan descended into conflict in April this year, after visits to South Sudan, Egypt and most recently Qatar, reports indicate. Fattah al-Burhan has been skeptical of Kenya, accusing the eastern African nation of insincerity.

In May, the appointment of Kenya President William Ruto to oversee the process of reconciliation was rejected by the government of Sudan, which accused Ruto of being close to rebel leaders. The Kenyan president, however, did not insist on being a mediator of the crisis.

Early this month, General Fattah al-Burhan ordered for opening of Sudan's border with Eritrea to facilitate the movement of people in the region. The country plunged into the conflict following the ouster of Omar al-Bashir by the military following a civilian uprising in the country.

The process of reconciliation has taken long to pick with the US urging both parties to reconcile for a stable Sudan. The Horn of Africa region was a major target by the African Union, which has been pushing for the "silencing of guns" in the region, with countries like Ethiopia and Somalia also struggling with instability.


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