Minister hails Kenya's troops in frontline against Al-Shabaab

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki addresses a public baraza in Moyale town in Marsabit County in February.

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Kenya Defense Forces [KDF] and other multi-agency security teams fighting Al-Shabaab along the border and inside Somalia are "true heroes" of the country, Interior and National Administration Minister Kithure Kindiki have said, noting that the progress made so far is "encouraging".

While commissioning Kotulo sub-county in Wajir, Kindiki also paid tributes to those who have died in the frontline, adding that their efforts will not go away in vain. He termed their services as "diligent" and "patriotic" while rallying locals to cooperate in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

"Multi-agency security officers working tirelessly and diligently to fight insecurity in the North Eastern Region and other parts of the Country are true heroes who deserve commendation," he said. "Some of our officers have even lost their lives and others injured by armed criminals. No prize is enough to honour our patriotic officers for their diligence."

"The Government will go out of its way to facilitate security officers to execute their mandate in protecting citizens and their property, by availing modern equipment to protect them against armed criminals and combat complex security challenges," added the security minister.

Wajir, Mandera, Garissa, and Lamu counties are worst affected by Al-Shabaab frequent raids in Kenya but the security teams have made arrangements to secure the country from the onslaught. A number of soldiers are stationed sparingly along the vast borderline.

Kindiki insisted that the government of President William Ruto will not condone extrajudicial killings which have been used previously to eliminate individuals without subjecting them to the court of law. He warned against radicalization of locals within the northeastern Kenya community.

"The Government of Kenya does not condone extrajudicial killings. Such killings are not only illegal but a violation of the Constitution and other International laws. Days of enforced disappearances are long gone," he said.

"Terrorism remains one of the key national security threats and the Government will triumph over terror. Parents and guardians must remain vigilant and counsel their children to resist radicalization and recruitment into terror groups."

Al-Shabaab militants are facing an onslaught both in Somalia and along the border and in the coming weeks, the security teams in Somalia will commence Operation Black Lion Mission which will target the group in Jubaland and Southwest states. KDF will participate in this war.


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