Sudanese army repulses RSF raid


KHARTOUM - The Sudanese Armed Forces repulsed a second attack waged by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary team that has been fighting the military government, leading to tensions for the last seven months in the northern African nation.

The RSF opened fire on Signal Corps base in northern Khartoum in quick succession, after launching a similar attack two days ago, the Sudan Tribune reports. Signal Corps plays a vital role in the control of operations by providing communication to infantry teams.

The army successfully repelled the attack, inflicting casualties on the RSF. The Signal Corps is a strategic location linking the army headquarters in Khartoum to its forces across the Blue Nile River. The army controls the key Blue Nile Bridge, the Sudan Tribune noted.

According to reports, the clashes on Monday near the Signal Corps base were followed by heavy gunfire and explosions rocked Khartoum Bahri as the army bombarded RSF positions with artillery from Omdurman.

Military sources claim army aircraft and artillery thwarted the RSF attack. The RSF reportedly withdrew some forces north to the Halfaya suburb while sustaining vehicle losses. The Sudanese army later issued a statement saying its forces repelled the attack, destroying RSF vehicles, seizing two tanks, and killing dozens of RSF members.

The General Service Unit near Intelligence Headquarters in Khartoum Bahri helped the army to repel the attack by the paramilitary wing. The Sudanese army has regained control of most strategic regions within Khartoum.

Analysts say the RSF attack aimed to obstruct the ongoing military operations in Khartoum North, where the army now controls several parts and is preparing to dislodge them from the Khartoum oil refinery.

Since the ouster of Omar el-Bashir, Sudan has struggled with instability, with the military disbanding the transitional council which civilians were party to. The RSF is fighting to control Sudan after the military refused to integrate them into its fighting units.


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