US troops withdraw from air base in junta-led Niger


NIAMEY, Niger — The U.S. Department of Defense and the Nigerien Ministry of National Defense announced today that the withdrawal of U.S. forces and assets from Air Base 101 in Niamey is complete.

The withdrawal began on May 19 and ended today following a turnover ceremony with the Joint Disengagement Commission.

Designated as a Cooperative Security Location by the U.S. military, Air Base 101 has housed U.S. personnel and assets to help counter violent extremist organizations in the region.

The effective cooperation and communication between the U.S. and Nigerian armed forces ensured that the turnover was finished ahead of schedule and without any complications.

With the closure of the U.S. compound on Air Base 101, U.S. forces will now focus on completing the withdrawal from Air Base 201 in Agadez. Both U.S. and Nigerian officials are dedicated to completing a safe, orderly, and responsible withdrawal by September 15, 2024.

They emphasize their commitment to the protection and security of American forces during this process.

The U.S. Department of Defense and the Nigerien Ministry of National Defense recognize the joint sacrifices made by both nations' forces.

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