Somalia: Computers Stolen in Galkayo Amid Puntland’s Democratization Concerns


GALKAYO, Somalia - The Omar Samatar School in northern Galkayo city had three computers stolen which were being used for the disputed voter registration in Puntland by the TPEC (Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission).

A source who spoke to Garowe Online claimed that one of the tribes living in the city was registering at the location before the theft occurred. The government and TPEC officials are encouraging the tribes living in the regions to register in large numbers, otherwise, they may lose their local council members, which could cause insecurity and conflict among the communities in Puntland.

The voter registration program is said not to be winning the trust of most people and was boycotted majority of the local political associations, citing that President Deni is planning to use this process to extend his term ending in January 2024.

There are few political associations involved in the registration process which are close allies of the outgoing president.

A witness at the registration sites in Galkayo told Garowe Online by phone that the executive has encountered a decrease in the number of people registering themselves due to concerns about the hidden agenda surrounding the program.

Recently, the PDRC (Puntland Development Research Center) issued an analytical report stating that the democratization process in Puntland needs a consensus and added that Deni needs to clarify his position on the upcoming presidential and parliament elections on January 8, 2024.

The PDRC, an organization that has been working in Puntland for a long time, has lost the support of most of the political associations after being accused of neglecting to participate in finding solutions to the electoral stalemate over the hijacked election process.


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