Preparations on top-notch as Hormuud Telecom in full gear to organize a high-level conference


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Hormuud Telecom, the leading telecom provider in Somalia has announced that its annual BGS event (Bandhigga Guuleystayaasha Soomaaliyeed) will be held on October 30th with the theme: Promoting Somalia's Local Production Sectors.

"In our commitment to the development and rejuvenation of Somalia's local production, we are organizing a prestigious conference," the company said in a statement. "This forum will shed light on Somalia's domestic economic production landscape, providing a comprehensive understanding of the sector's immense opportunities, as well as the existing and emerging challenges.”

"The forum will also emphasize the role of technology in enhancing production processes while honoring the Somali businessmen and cooperatives that, despite difficult circumstances, stood to produce and feed our society," it further said. 

With 8.9 million hectares of agricultural land, one of Africa's longest coastlines, and thriving livestock that contributes almost 80% of foreign currency earnings, Somalia possesses incredible resources for economic growth. However, the collapse of the Somali government in 1991 has crippled the country's local production sectors, the telecommunication giant noted in the statement, adding that "the infrastructure that was the backbone of agriculture, livestock, and fish were destroyed" during the civil war which lasted for almost two decades. 

According to organizers, the conference will focus on and prioritize finding solutions to the challenges that have plagued Somalia's local production sectors.

Ultimately, Hormuud Telecom hopes that this high-level conference will serve as a catalyst for change in Somalia's local production sectors, as well as present opportunities for growth and development.

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