Puntland withdraws recognition of the Federal Government of Somalia


GAROWE, Somalia - Puntland has withdrawn from the federal arrangement in Somalia, the Council of Ministers announced on Saturday, in a move that comes hours after the federal parliament passed four chapters of the proposed constitution in a disputed vote.

The federal parliament on Saturday unanimously endorsed four chapters of the new constitution, effectively making the life of the federal government five years and introducing a universal suffrage model of elections. The move also gives more power to the sitting leader.

But Puntland accused President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of breaching the provisional constitution. Additionally, the council of ministers during an emergency session in Garowe last night has made another decision referencing Article 4 of the Puntland State Constitution.

In a statement read by Puntland Information Minister Mohamud Aydid Dirir, Puntland said it will no longer recognize federal government institutions until the completion of a constitution agreed by all stakeholders including Puntland.

Puntland insists it will run a government with the “full powers of an independent state” until there is an inclusive federal government and a constitution agreed by all including Puntland, and approved through referendum. The state did not participate in the drafting of the proposals.

The Federal State said the changes are a threat to Somali unity and federalism. The region asserts full governance autonomy, inviting cooperation with entities respecting the original 2012 constitution.

The resolution, pending Puntland Parliament’s approval, signifies a major stance on national unity and governance autonomy, urging dialogue with the international community and global organizations to safeguard its interests and future.

Puntland has been questioning the cooperation of Mogadishu in important issues regarding the management of the federal system. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is under scrutiny and the latest protest could be injurious to his leadership.


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