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Somalia: PHA Deputy CEO meets with Ugandan Roads Authority officials


GAROWE, Puntland - A delegation from the Puntland Highway Authority (PHA) led by Deputy CEO Mr. Abdirizak Mohamed Hayir attended a meeting at the headquarters of the Uganda Road Authority (UNRA) in Kampala.

The meeting was part of the Puntland Highway Authority's Acknowledgment of various parts of the Ugandan government

The delegation, which also included members from Southern and Northern Somalia, shared their work experience with UNRA on road maintenance and construction.

Hayir and his delegation had a fruitful meeting with officials of the Uganda Road Authority (UNRA) and discussed how the two sides could work together on road expertise, staff training, and exchange of road studies.

"We discussed how to share experience in construction, maintenance, and road survey, and they fully pledged to work with us as PHA," said PHA Deputy Chairman Abdirizak Mohamed Hayir.

Hayir also met with the Ugandan Minister of Public Works and thanked them for the invitation and for sharing their work experience.

The chairman and his entourage were in Uganda this week for a meeting and met with officials from the Ministry of Public Works and Immigration, officials from the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Uganda Technical Center, and Kampala Municipality (KCCA), and other experts.

The visit was part of the efforts of the Acting Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Puntland Highway Authority (PHA), Abdirizak Mohamed Hayir, to improve the work of the agency.


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