Senior Puntland forces commander killed in IED attack near Bossaso


BOSSASO, Somalia March 17, 2013 (Garowe Online)-The commander of Puntland Defense Forces units operating in Galgala area in Somalia's northeastern State of Puntland Col. Jama Mohamed Afgaduud has been killed in Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack near the port city of Bossaso on Monday afternoon, Garowe Online reports.

According to witnesses, late Jama was in armored fighting vehicle when the roadside IED targeted his car in Laag area which lies about 27km from Bossaso.

The defense forces commander sustained injuries to the upper part of his body, with Puntland government officials confirming him dead at Bossaso General Hospital: "Col. Jama was targeted with roadside explosion and he has died of injuries to the upper part of his body," said a government official who asked to remain anonymous.

Former Puntland leader Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Farole assigned him to the military post in a bid to boost military offensives against Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab fighters in Golis Mountain ranges and Galgala area in mid-2010.


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