Somalia: Federal Govt soldiers’ infighting kills five in Baidoa


BAIDOA, Somalia March 5, 2013 (Garowe Online)-Heavy fighting broke out between the Somali federal government military forces and police officers at a security checkpoint in Bay regional capital of Baidoa of southern Somalia on Wednesday evening, killing five persons including deputy police commander, Garowe Online reports. 

Sources within Federal Government of Somalia confirmed that the Deputy commander of Bay police division Col. Nishow Kurtun died in the shootout after police officers denied the entry of a truck loaded with commodities into Baidoa.

Military soldiers on board fired live ammunitions at the police officers, killing five and wounding five others, sources added. 

The police forces in Baidoa completely withdrew from their compounds and formed temporary bases in Baidoa outskirts. Military forces in speedy armored vehicles began to roam in the city, with AMISOM forces closely monitoring the situation. 

On the other hand in Baidoa, Ethiopian-AMISOM forces disbanded crowds of residents who came out to rally for the election of Madobe Nunow as the president of controversial federal state that consists of six regions. 

A spokesman for Nunow declared that the new president was set for inauguration on Thursday. 

Somalia Federal Government troops’ infighting previously raged in Lower Shabelle region where tensions over regional influence continue to escalate.



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