PM Roble asks SNA to return to bases


MOGADISHU, Somalia | Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has asked the Somali National Army [SNA] forces to return to their respective bases following the decision by a number of them to leave, due to the current conflict in the Horn of Africa nation.

The SNA forces were divided in the middle due to loyalty challenges, a move which almost escalated into a deep crisis in the country, after a number of them backed the opposition. The army fought within the capital, Mogadishu leading to the current fears.

Last week, forces loyal to the President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo fought with those loyal the opposition, leading to the current crisis. Some troops were opposed to the decision by Farmajo to extend his term without involving the Senate, a move which he's since retracted. 

And Mohamed Roble thanked Farmaajo for making “a major concession” and for allowing him to lead elections and security. He urged the army to return to their bases, avoid mix with politics, adding that such a situation will polarize the country further. 

A number of troops had left their bases in Middle Shebelle in protest to Farmajo's term extension and even threatened to attack Villa Somalia. The move raised doubts about Somalia's ability to contain pressure and lead an army that can restore stability. 

The PM also urged politicians to refrain from any speech or action that does not contribute to the stability of the country and the unity of Somalia. He said time has come for politicians to make sacrifices and move the country ahead for the sake of stability and democracy.

Roble, who took over in September 2020, hailed the House of People for rescinding the decision to extend Farmajo's term extension, adding that such a move would allow him to lead the country to an election based on September 17 pre-election deal.


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