Somalia, Eritrea leaders discuss military, security cooperation


ASMARA, Eritrea - Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud recently held extensive discussions on the enhancement of bilateral relations and mutual interests.

The meeting, which took place at State House yesterday evening, focused on the importance of solidifying comprehensive cooperation in various sectors, including political, security, military, economic, cultural, and social.

President Isaias emphasized the historical bond between Eritrea and Somalia, highlighting the need to further strengthen these ties to benefit both nations. The discussions underscored the potential for collaboration in multiple areas, aiming to advance the interests of the Eritrean and Somali peoples.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud expressed gratitude for Eritrea's support in rebuilding Somalia's national army, describing it as a symbol of solidarity with the Somali people and nation. The Somali president's appreciation for Eritrea's contribution to Somalia's security and stability was evident in his remarks.

The meeting also touched upon regional and global developments of mutual interest, reflecting the commitment of both leaders to fostering a cooperative relationship that transcends national borders.

As the two nations look to deepen their ties, the discussions pave the way for enhanced collaboration in various fields, promising a new era of partnership and mutual support.

The talks between President Isaias and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud mark a crucial step towards strengthening the bond between Eritrea and Somalia. With both leaders expressing their commitment to advancing bilateral relations, the future holds great potential for cooperation in areas that will benefit the people of both nations.


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