Somalia: Fresh fighting breaks out in Las Anod as Somaliland forces strike


LAS ANOD, Somalia - Fresh fighting erupted in the outskirts of the troubled city of Las Anod in northern Somalia, eyewitnesses said, as the conflict entered the second month without a tangible solution, in what could further cause humanitarian difficulties within the region, according to experts and the United Nations.

There have been deliberate attempts to reconcile Somaliland and the SSC-Khatumo, but the efforts have been futile with elders from the Sool region demanding for withdrawal of the breakaway regional troops.

The rival groups have been fighting for the last two months leaving at least 200 people dead and over 600 critically injured, according to doctors who have been attending to the wounded persons. In the same measure, over 2000 people have been displaced from the border town.

Whereas there is no tangible proof that Puntland troops have been assisting SSC-Khatumo forces, Somaliland has been raising the claims without evidence.

The opposition in Somaliland believes Las Anod violence is engineered by President Muse Bihi Abdi who they accuse of delaying elections in the region. Bihi was supposed to pave way for presidential elections in November 2022 but he extended his term by 2 years.

Likely, the fresh fighting would further trigger efforts by members of the international community to push for mediation between the two parties with an aim of securing peace and stability in Somalia. President Hassan Sheikh had earlier asked both parties to find an amicable solution.


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