Somalia's opposition writes to UNSC over current crisis


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia's opposition has yet again written to the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] over the current electoral impasse, arguing that it's time the body intervenes for the sake of averting a brewing civil war, following disagreements amongst stakeholders.

The country's political leadership has failed to agree on the way forward, with President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo already showing intentions of continuing to stay in power, after approving a resolution by the Lower House which illegally extended his term for two years.

And it's the extension that has provoked the union of presidential candidates in the country, which now wants the United Nations Security Council to chip in and help resolve the standoff, which has attracted the attention of members of the international community.

In a letter addressed to ambassador Dani Quy, Vietnamese envoy to the United Nations and who now doubles as President of UNSC, the National Salvation Forum, a conglomerate of opposition leaders, asked the council to "reject illegal" term extension of the administration.

While terming the extension unconstitutional, the council said the move threatens Somalia’s hard-won progress towards peace and stability and could plunge the nation back into political fragmentation besides triggering armed conflict.

The opposition insisted that it will not recognize the Lower House decision, arguing that it goes against the spirit of national cohesion. They also blamed Farmajo for "sabotaging" efforts by the international community to bring peace to Somalia.

Farmajo has already accepted the term extension but on Monday, he requested the African Union to mediate the current electoral impasse.


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