UN under pressure to take 'principled' position on rising Somalia-Ethiopia tensions


The Federal Republic of Somalia wants the United Nations to take a principled position over Ethiopia's 'aggression' on the country's territorial integrity and sovereignty, which threatens disintegration in the Horn of Africa region.

Ethiopia signed an MoU with Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia, which if implemented, will see it getting 20 kilometers of Red Sea in return for Somaliland's recognition as a sovereign state. The move has angered Somalia, triggering sharp debate.

In a statement issued by Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the country insisted that it has always taken uncompromising positions on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other nations whenever it is needed by the international community.

"In this regard, we call upon member states of the African Union, as well as the United Nations to take a principled position on the illegal MOU and denounce Ethiopia’s unwarranted aggression against Somalia’s sacrosanct sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity," read the statement.

"We underline that Somalia has always taken a principled position on the protection of the sovereignty of all UN and AU member states," added the statement, which was issued over the weekend.

Somalia further said it is committed to upholding international standards on critical issues, exuding confidence in the UN and other relevant bodies to stand with it against any violations against the country.

"Somalia remains committed to peaceful regional relations and expects adherence to international laws, affirming our right to respond to any actions that challenge our sovereignty. We trust in the international community’s support against such violations."

Ethiopia has maintained that its interests have nothing to do with violations, arguing that it is only interested in changing its economic fortunes. The Horn of Africa nation wants to establish a military base along the Red Sea besides building a port for commercial purposes.


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