US Senator Risch Opposes Somalia as Test Case for UN Security Council Resolution 


WASHINGTON - In a recent statement, Senator Jim Risch expressed his opposition to using Somalia as a test case for implementing UN Security Council Resolution 2719. The resolution, adopted in December 2023, allows the African Union Peace and Security Council to access UN-assessed contributions for African Union-led peace support operations.

However, Senator Risch believes that Congress will not approve this move and instead suggests that the African Union and the United Nations focus on implementing agreed reforms and selecting a more feasible UN-financed mission.

The Senator's stance reflects a cautious approach towards financing African Union-led peacekeeping missions through UN-assessed contributions. He emphasizes the need for reforms and careful selection of missions that are feasible and effective. This perspective aligns with broader discussions on the role of regional organizations in peacekeeping and the financial responsibilities of the international community.

The debate surrounding Resolution 2719 and its implications for Somalia underscores the complexities of international cooperation in peacekeeping efforts. While the resolution aims to support African Union-led peace support operations, the concerns raised by Senator Risch highlight the importance of careful consideration and strategic planning in implementing such initiatives.

As discussions continue, the international community will need to balance the desire to support African-led peacekeeping efforts with the need for effective and sustainable solutions. The outcome of these debates will have significant implications for the future of peacekeeping in Africa and the role of the United Nations in supporting regional organizations.


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