Villa Somalia refutes term extension "claims"


MOGADISHU, Somalia - The office of the outgoing President Farmajo dismissed claims that he extended his term in office for terms years before rescinding the decision, arguing that those "peddling" the claims are "enemies of progress in the fragile democracy within the Horn of Africa.

On April 12, Lower House passed a resolution seeking to extend Farmajo's term for two years, and the move was approved by Villa Somalia, leading to international outcry. Both the opposition and members of the international community opposed the move.

But with increased pressure, Farmajo was forced to rescind the decision, giving room for further dialogue between the Federal Government of Somalia and federal states. All federal states opposed the extension after the pressure from the international partners.

However, Abdirashid Hashi, the Director of Communications in the presidency, dismissed term extension talks, arguing that the president has never hard such plans, adding that "these are lies". He was speaking to Dalsan TV during an interview.

According to the spokesperson of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, the Lower House seized the opportunity to give you the country a clear path to elections following issues of discomfort among several stakeholders. A number of them had walked out of the talks.

"Contrary to the lies and distortions, there has never been an extension of the period for H.E President Farmaajo. The House of the People, bearing in mind the need to pave way for elections, used the power vested in them to return to 1P1V elections," he said.

Lower House and presidency had claimed that the term extension would allow the country to hold universal suffrage polls in line with various constitutional obligations. The approach had failed in 2020 forcing the country to moot for an improved clan-based elections model.

But the government has since embraced calls for the implementation of the September 17 pre-election deal and Baidoa recommendations, with Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble assuring members of the opposition on Wednesday. The move was welcomed by most opposition leaders.

"I welcome the 10-point agreement that was reached to end the recent conflict that arose due to the illegal term extension. I thank all those who took part in this process, especially those that opposed the term extension," said Wadajir party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame.

The technical committee on Mogadishu chaos has since recommended the removal of mutineers from the streets of Mogadishu. The soldiers, most of who support the opposition, will not be victimized according to the committee.


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