Ethiopia, South Sudan to build 220-km cross-border road


ADDIS ABABA - Ethiopia and South Sudan are set to build a 220-km cross-border road, following a 738-million-U.S.-dollar financial agreement signed in May 2023.

On Tuesday, South Sudan's Transitional National Legislative Assembly ratified the Ethiopia-South Sudan financial agreement to build a cross-border highway, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement Thursday.

The ministry said the project aims to enhance connectivity and bolster economic ties between neighboring countries, underscoring the growing cooperation and mutually beneficial relationship between Ethiopia and South Sudan.

According to the financial agreement, Ethiopia will cover the cost of the road project. The deal designates South Sudan as the borrower and Ethiopia as the financier, and the repayment involves crude oil from South Sudan to Ethiopia.

The construction of the road project will start upon the final authorization by South Sudanese President Salva Kiir.

The road on the South Sudanese side will connect Paloich, Maiwut, and Pagak to Ethiopia's border areas.

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