Hormuud Telecom's CEO, Ahmed Yusuf, Clinches CXO of the Year Award at Africa Tech Festival 2023


Ahmed Mohamud Yusuf, Chairman of Hormuud Telecommunications Company in Somalia has won the prestigious CXO of the Year Award at the Africa Tech Festival 2023.

The Africa Tech Festival Awards are a celebration of the work done across the continent to boost tech connectivity, accessibility, and innovation.

The CXO of the Year Award honors Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) who shape the future of African tech, and deliver a clear vision in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Ahmed Yusuf emerged victorious among a formidable lineup of industry leaders, including Yasser Shaker, CEO of Orange Egypt, and Dejan Kastelic, CFO of Vodacom Group.

This accolade not only acknowledges Mr. Yusuf's exceptional leadership but also highlights his outstanding leadership, dedication, and remarkable contributions to both the telecommunications industry and the broader community in Somalia.

A Visionary Leader

As the Chairman of Hormuud Telecommunications Company, Ahmed Mohamud Yusuf has played a pivotal role in making Hormuud the largest telecommunications company in Somalia. His visionary leadership has not only contributed to the company's success but has also been a driving force in the economic development of Somalia.

Under his leadership, Hormuud Telecom has boosted connectivity for every Somalia, installing 2, 3, and 4G services, pioneered fintech apps, and ensured each Somali has the means to transact by introducing EVC Plus.

Expressing his excitement upon receiving the award, Mr. Mohamud emphasized the need to continue working hard to showcase the capabilities of the country. "I am excited and privileged to receive this award. We need to keep working hard and show the country what we are capable of. I thank my team for this recognition. The future of Somalia is technology," Mohamud said.

Beyond Business: A Commitment to Community

Hormuud Telecommunications Company, under Mr. Yusuf's leadership, goes beyond its role as a leading service provider in mobile services and the Internet. The company actively engages in charitable projects to support the community, including sponsoring Somali students both at home and abroad. Moreover, Hormuud is dedicated to participating in emergency situations and improving the lives of the less fortunate in Somalia.

Last year, the company received accolades for its commitment to social responsibility by winning the GSMA Mobile Money, Global Mobile (GLOMO), and Changing Lives Award.

The CXO of the Year Award is not just a recognition of Ahmed Yusuf's achievements but also a celebration of Hormuud Telecommunications Company's commitment to innovation, community development, and shaping the technological landscape of Somalia. As we applaud Mr. Yusuf for this well-deserved honor, we look forward to witnessing the continued success and positive impact of Hormuud Telecom under his visionary leadership.

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