Somalia: Govt Forces Advance Towards Al-Shabaab Strongholds in Jubaland


KISMAYO, Somalia - Somali troops have made substantial progress in their operations in Jubaland. On Wednesday, federal and regional Somali forces successfully captured a crucial junction in the village of Harbole in the Lower Jubba region.

The military units involved in this operation reportedly launched their assault from the towns of Afmadow and Jana Cabdalla. The operation is said to have two main objectives: to clear the road between Kismayo and Afmadow, and to disrupt Al-Shabaab's movements between Middle Jubba and Baddamadow.

In addition to the capture of Harbole, the Somali forces also secured the village of Welmaro, located northeast of Afmadow. These strategic victories are expected to significantly impact Al-Shabaab's ability to operate in the region, as they disrupt the extremist group's supply lines and communication networks.

The Somali government and its international partners have been intensifying their efforts to combat Al-Shabaab in recent months. These latest military successes underscore the effectiveness of the ongoing operations and the commitment of the Somali forces to rid the country of the terrorist threat.

As the Somali troops continue their advance toward the Al-Shabaab strongholds, the international community has been urged to provide further support and resources to ensure the sustainability of these gains.

The Somali government has expressed its gratitude for the support received so far and remains determined to build on these successes in the fight against terrorism.

The capture of Harbole and Welmaro represents a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against Al-Shabaab in Jubaland. It is hoped that these victories will pave the way for further progress in the region and ultimately contribute to the establishment of lasting peace and stability in Somalia.


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