Somalia PM: We are fed up with conflict, let's focus on development


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre has challenged Somalis to concentrate on economic development rather than engaging in conflicts that cannot build the country, 30 years after chaos engulfed the Horn of Africa nation.

Barre, who is the Leader of Government, said the ongoing wrangles will not delay constitutional amendments that have been effected, adding that leaders should invest in development rather than political chaos.

According to him, the amendments give the country a stage to rectify the past, adding that national unity should be the priority of the leaders. Already, four amendments have been effected in the country, but Puntland state has challenged the leadership citing a lack of consultations.

"The government is committed to addressing the concerns of the populace. However, it's unacceptable to obstruct the decisions of our constitutional institutions. Both chambers of the Parliament represent the diverse Somali demographic, including individuals from various clans and both genders. If we question this comprehensive representation, what else is left for us?" Prime Minister Barre stated.

National unity, he said, would significantly boost the development of the country after years of chaos. The chaos has derailed economic development, he added.

"We are in an era of unity, not division. As the world moves forward collectively, we cannot afford to segregate a family without the counsel of the experienced. The ongoing conflict has lasted nearly 40 years, leaving no room for further discord," he added.

Puntland has contested the changes and withdrawn from federalism, arguing that consultations were not done. The National Consultative Council made the proposals which have since been signed into law by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.


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